Practising what I preach!

Practising what I preach! By Rachel Bown

Date: 18th May 2014

Today I learnt a BIG lesson-it’s a lesson that I teach my kids at school. In fact it’s a subject I tackled with a group only this week. And the lesson is : you cant always have it your own way! Sometimes you just have to suck it up & get on with it-whatever ‘it’ […]

What a great week!!

What a great week!! By Rachel Bown

Date: 15th Apr 2014

As you know if you read my last blog we began our ‘holiday’ week with good friends & Tim’s first long bike ride. We then turned our attention to a mini-break in London. We went to see ‘Fatal Attraction’ in the West End (really worth seeing), visited the VLM Exhibition (grabbed some bargains), ate some […]

Has Spring sprung?

Has Spring sprung? By Rachel Bown

Date: 9th Apr 2014

So last week I managed two rides in shorts! Ok, so I did have compression calf guards on, but I was still wearing shorts. I really did think winter kit was going to be retired for a few months. In fact Tim & I took Little Big Murph for a walk & I happily pointed […]

When is a ‘win’ not a ‘win’?

When is a ‘win’ not a ‘win’? By Tim Peace

Date: 29th Mar 2014

When is a ‘win’ not a ‘win?’ Should winning be the only goal for a competitive athlete or is there a bigger picture? In my opinion : Of course there is a bigger picture- a much BIGGER picture. I played competitive football for over 20years. When necessary gamesmanship was part of my game, but I […]

Not – so – New – Year – Blog!!

Not – so – New – Year – Blog!! By Rachel Bown

Date: 20th Mar 2014

Time flies & good habits break! And that is what has happened I’m afraid. But now I have run out of excuses & have found some inspiration & so I am back in the blogging routine. To (hopefully) stop me rambling & to give my thoughts a degree of order I will write this like a calendar. […]

The ramblings of a sick woman:)

The ramblings of a sick woman:) By Rachel Bown

Date: 16th Dec 2013

Hi, So this blog is being written for a few reasons: 1) Because I am bored & need to do something positive that doesn’t use any physical energy 2) Because I am fighting the ‘low demons’ & trying to grab hold of the ‘you can do it’ fairies! 3) Because sometimes you just need to […]

Sorry all…

Sorry all… By Rachel Bown

Date: 10th Nov 2013

I haven’t written a blog for ages. Well, since before the World Champs actually. Why have I gone quiet? To be honest I couldn’t be bothered! That’s not strictly true-it’s probably better to say that I have been very distracted & blog writing slipped waaaay down my list of priorities. Let me summarise the last […]

It’s over-until next time!!!

It’s over-until next time!!! By Rachel Bown

Date: 18th Sep 2013

I’ve always maintained that you can only truly appreciate winning when you have experienced the heartache of losing. I’m not restricting ‘winning’ to first over the line. In my mind ‘winning’ is achieving whatever you have set out to achieve-basically achieving your potential. When you don’t it hurts like hell, & that’s what ultimately either stops us […]

National Club Relays- Nottingham 2013

National Club Relays- Nottingham 2013 By Rachel Bown

Date: 27th Aug 2013

Wow! I loved it. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was fantastic & I will definitely do it again. I travelled up to London on Thursday to stay with Marsha & John, before heading up to Nottingham with the RGActive teams. We had 3 teams, pretty evenly balanced. When we arrived there was a […]

A good clear out amongst Pandemonium

A good clear out amongst Pandemonium By Tim Peace

Date: 20th Aug 2013

Hi, So a pretty quiet week this week. I spent most of it clearing the house of all unwanted items. This included a wheelie bin full of rubbish, a wheelie bin full of re-cycling stuff, 2 charity bags & various items on ebay. I now know exactly what I own & where it is! I […]